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What are the long term health risks to yaz users?

Yaz is a birth control pill that is prescribed for contraceptive purposes. For those women over the age of 14 who desire to prevent pregnancy and treat moderate acne, it serves a dual purpose. It is also prescribed as a means of dealing with symptoms premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD). This is the more debilitating disorder that interferes with a woman's work, relationships, and ability to function in any situation, with symptoms beginning just after ovulation and disappearing soon after the menstrual period begins. Severe depression, mood swings, and anxiety are just a few of the emotional traumas experienced by those with PMDD. Physical symptoms centered around appetite, sleeping, and aches and pains also appear during this time. While this sounds wonderful, in theory, in practice, there have been many problems associated with the use of Yaz. There are long term health risks involved, and it's a good idea to know what they are in order to make an informed choice. If you need expert help in this field then contact the experts yaz class action.

For women who are currently taking Yaz, knowing the long term health risks can allow them to decide whether or not to continue with this form of birth control. Because the Yaz birth control pills contain a synthetic progestin, "drospirenone", along with ethinyl estradiol, they are considered 4th generation combination birth control pills. Manufactured by Bayer healthcare and approved by the FDA for treatment of the above mentioned symptoms and as a pregnancy preventive, it was introduced in the market in 2006. Although advertised as a sort of "wonder" birth control pill, where one could cure acne, lose weight, and deal with those troublesome PMS symptoms in addition to preventing pregnancy, it soon became apparent there were health risks associated with use of the drug. Since Yaz became available on the market, thousands of lawsuits have been filed due to health problems stemming from use of Yaz.

What are the long term health risks to Yaz users? These risks include strokes, heart attacks, gallbladder disorders, and high potassium levels as well as other ones of major importance. Blood clots are the number one deadliest side effect and risk of taking Yaz. Common side effects include headaches, nausea, vomiting, moodiness, fatigue, breast pain/tenderness, weight gain, and decreased libido. High blood sugar and darkening of the skin have also been associated with use of Yaz.

More severe side effects include a change in the amount of urine processed by the body, hives, trouble breathing, and other anaphylactic reactions. Breast lumps, irregular heartbeat, and numbness in the extremities are among the severe side effects of Yaz. Inflammatory bowel disease has also been associated with the use of Yaz.

Who Should Not Take Yaz?

Yaz should not be taken by women with are over the age of 35, or women who smoke. These factors alone increase the risk of blood clots, and combined with any birth control pill, the risk is potentiated. Those who take long term NSAIDS (ibuprofen, for example) for arthritis or other pain problems should not take Yaz. Those with a history of renal problems. Anyone with a history of blood clots, heart attack, or stroke, should definitely avoid the use of Yaz. Uncontrolled high blood pressure, bleeding disorders, and liver disorders in one's past should also be a reason not to take Yaz.

The major long term health risks associated with the use of Yaz center around blood clots. Blood clots can be deadly. They can cause permanent disabilities in those who have them. Blood clots can travel to the heart, lungs, or brain. They cause pulmonary embolisms, heart attacks, and strokes.

A blood clot known as a "DVT" - deep vein thrombosis, because it is in the deep veins, especially the legs. These are the type that can break off and travel throughout the body, causing the stroke, embolism, or heart attack.

Gallbladder disorders and increased potassium levels are two other long term health risks associated with use of Yaz.

In spite of all these problems, there are no known recalls in the U.S. of this birth control pill, yet there have, as mentioned, been several lawsuits filed. It is very important to go over one's health history with a health care practitioner before taking any form of birth control pill. This should not be randomly prescribed; if it is, it's time to see another doctor. The long term health risks associated with use of Yaz are too deadly to ignore.

If you or a loved one has suffered from any adverse side effects caused by taking yaz then contact yaz lawsuit now to see if you are entitled to compensation.


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